eWatercycle will be at the EGU general assembly!

If you want to see and hear the latest from the eWatercycle team (which, of course you do!), come and see us there. Here is all the info you need to find the right sessions.

(NB: All times in CEST. Convert to your time here.)

Thursday 22 April

Great Debate: Improving Research Software in the Geosciences
Convener: Daniel Nüst | Co-conveners: Niels Drost, David Topping, Lesley Wyborn

Monday April 26th

Session ESSI1.6 (09:00-10:30)

Recent developments on the Earth System Model Evaluation Tool
Bouwe Andela, Fakhereh Alidoost, Lukas Brunner, Jaro Camphuijsen, Bas Crezee, Niels Drost, et al.

Bringing ESMValTool to the Jupyter Lab
Peter C. Kalverla, Stef Smeets, Niels Drost, Bouwe Andela, Fakhereh Alidoost, Jaro Camphuijsen

Session HS1.2.4 (11:00-12:30):

Pick your adventure: Does hydrology need to prepare for MadMax and Waterworld or for Star Trek?
Rolf Hut

Session HS1.2.1 (13:30-15:00):

Building the tools to speed up the policy design cycle: letting policy makers work with hydrologic models themselves through eWaterCycle
Nick van de Giesen, Rolf Hut, Niels Drost, the Netherlands eScience Center

Tuesday April 27th

Session EOS5.3 (15:30-17:00)

A Hydrologist’s Guide to Open Science
Caitlyn Hall, Sheila Saia, Andrea Popp, Stan Schymanski, Niels Drost, Nilay Dogulu, Tim van Emmerik, Rolf Hut, and Lieke Melsen

Towards Open and FAIR Hydrological Modelling with eWaterCycle
Niels Drost, the eWaterCycle team

Wednesday April 28th

Session HS2.5.3 (09:00-10:30)

Large-sample based evaluation of the spatial resolution discretization of the wflow_sbm model for the CAMELS dataset
Jerom Aerts, Albrecht Weerts, Willem van Verseveld, Pieter Hazenberg, Niels Drost, Rolf Hut, Nick van de Giesen

Session ESSI3.7 (13:30–15:00)

era5cli: the command line interface to ERA5 data
Stef Smeets, the eWaterCycle team

Session HS2.2.1 (13:30–15:00)

Preprocessing of hydrological models’ input in eWaterCycle with ESMValTool
Fakhereh Alidoost, the eWaterCycle team

Thursday April 29th

Session HS2.5.1 (09:00–11:45)

Global glacio-hydrological model coupling for streamflow
Pau Wiersma, Rolf Hut, Jerom Aerts, Niels Drost, Harry Zekollari, Markus Hrachowitz

Comparing impact of ERA5 vs ERAInterim on hydrology using the eWaterCycle Open Hydrological Platform
Rolf Hut, Niels Drost, Jerom Aerts, et al.

Hot tip! If this is not enough, you can search the program for our names to find more sessions with our contributions.

See you all at vEGU21!